’17 Nomis Project

4 Spitzenwissenschafter. 4 Awardees. 4 Videoportraits. Leipzig, Stanford und London.

Für die  NOMIS Foundation und in Kooperation mit dem Studiengang  Camera Arts portraitierte ich zusammen mit einem kleinen Team* die vier Awardees des «The NOMIS Distinguished Scientist Award». Alle biographischen Angaben der Wissenschaftler sind von der NOMIS Webseite (2017).

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Karl Deisseroth, NOMIS Distinguished Scientist Awardee 2017

Karl Deisseroth is D.H. Chen Professor of Bioengineering and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, California. He has been credited with developing and implementing an approach to biology called optogenetics, a technique that involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue, typically neurons, that have been genetically modified to express light-sensitive ion channels. Read more

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«I can take a rat or a mouse and make it want something it didn‘t want before. And i can make it not want something it wanted before.  I can change it‘s priorities, it‘s memories, how much pleasure it get‘s from something[…] by turning up or down the activity of specific cells in the brain. What does that say about free will? What does that say about what emotion really is? What consciousness really is?» 

Karl Deisseroth, 2017

Tony Wyss-Coray, NOMIS Distinguished Scientist Awardee 2017

Tony Wyss-Coray, professor of neurology and neurological sciences at Stanford University, California, investigates the role of immune responses in brain aging and neurodegeneration with a focus on cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Read more

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Svante Pääbo, NOMIS Distinguished Scientist Awardee 2017

Svante Pääbo, director of the Department of Evolutionary Genetics at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany, is one of the founders of paleogenetics and became best known for his pioneering research on the Neandertal genome. Read more

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Manos Tsakiris, NOMIS Distinguished Scientist Awardee 2016

Manos Tsakiris has been named the first recipient of the NOMIS Distinguished Scientists and Scholars Award. As part of the award and in line with the interdisciplinary vision of the NOMIS Foundation, Tsakiris will lead and develop the Body and Image in Arts and Sciences (BIAS) project at the Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Study, University of LondonRead more

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